Thursday, 6 January 2011

Good morning 2011

Happy new year everyone!

That was a pretty long break from blogging and to be fair I still don't really feel up to it but well it's a new year and new energy. I suppose my recent increase of facebook status spam activity has taken away some of my urge to spread my mental diarrhea on this blog.

I don't really want to update too much about the last few months since after my wedding nothing too interesting happened. I still work and live in Gibraltar, I still play a lot of live cash games and I still get severely drunk on weekends.

So, what are the plans for 2011? Well, since my weight was down to 89kg in June 2009 I have re-gained 15kg and after the Christmas period was now back up to 104 kg. This is only 6kg away from the heaviest I ever was. Obviously that means that 2011 is another dieting year. I definitely see myself jo-joeing it up for the next few years weight wise. The aim is to lose 19 kg in about 6 months and get down to 85kg.
Diet started this week and I lost 1.5 kg so far.

Pokerwise I will continue to re-build a proper roll and have to stop spending all winnings on stupid things like 500 gramms of silver or forex trading. Meh, I guess it's not that stupid. On the other hand it's good to spend the money before I can blow it up at the Roulette table or some of the other very attracting coin sucking machines. (new fancy Stargate slot machine here in the Casino)

Online I will concentrate on bigger tourneys between up to the $216 ones on Stars and FTP. Mainly because we will start a Sunday MTT group in our offices where a few people get together and play MTTs on the projector. Last time was quite eye-opening since we managed to play several hands super well in a group on which we each individually would probably have failed. So the aim for 2011 is a 5 figure cash and I am positive that it will happen.

Additionally I need a holiday! One that I don't spend in Germany with my family but in a place with a pool where nobody knows me. It looks like I am going to Rome with the wife in a few months.

Gonna move into a new apartment again in about 2 weeks time. We found one that is closer to the Casino (30 seconds walk instead of 50 seconds), has a second bedroom and is cheaper. Only thing we have to give up is our lovely view. Moving down from the 14th to the 4th floor. Oh well.

Well, all the best for 2011 to you guys. I hope I'll blog more regularly here again.



mulhuzz said...


he's blogged again! :D :D :D

nice entry, now make it more fucking frequent! :p

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